Checkmate Rug Yarn

Grown in Virginia, Spun in the USA, One-of-a-kind! Your Project will POP!

Each Karakul fleece is multiple colors of black, white, brown, and red fibers, co-existing in every skein. We shear twice a year. Every new fleece provides new colors. It is a long coarse fiber known as “Persian” yarn. The reason why oriental Persian carpets last for years is because of the long coarse fiber. These characteristics make your rug project long lasting, stunning, and provides texture.


PRO-CHEM Dye Colors:

 I use PRO-CHEM colors. I dye any color in any value from their color chart. I also can custom dye to match colors of wool fabric. The Karakul yarn with its multiple fiber colors, absorbs the color differently so each skein has it’s own character. Stunning results.


Here's what you do to order yarn:

Step 1: Go to Pro Chemical& Dye

Step 2: Choose your color and write down the color name and code (ex. Brilliant Blue WF490) 

Step 3: Tell us what values you want: light, medium or dark


Step 4: Order of 4 oz skein or 2 oz skein 

Step 5: Email or call 540-454-4898


Kathy will do the custom dye order and ship it to you within two weeks.



You can also request snippet samples of available yarn: we can email photos or mail snippets directly to you

You can order custom dye yarn by mailing us a sample of the fabric you would like colored matched 


Yarn Pricing and Amounts:

100% Wool Skein

Each Skein is Approx. 65 yards, 4 or 5 ply, 8th of an inch.


Natural Yarn Colors: natural, light grey, dark grey, medium brown, black

4 oz skeins are ($20.00)         2 oz skeins are ($12.00)

Note: Yarn colors may vary from skein to skein due to unique fleeces.


Hand-dyed Yarn 

4 oz skeins are ($24.00).        2 oz skeins are ($12.00) Great way to try our yarn!

Yarn hand dyed


Heather: over-dyed grey skeins- Unique to Checkmate Farm!

4 oz skein ($24.00)

2 oz skein ($12.00)


Working on a large rug? Special pricing is available, please ask. 


 Here’s why yarns are not on the website for purchase:

I have not posted individual yarns colors to purchase on this website because a photo does not do justice to yarn colors. Each skein offers unique beautiful color. Your rug project will be one-of-a-kind, not a postage stamp.


How do I know what is available?

Email kathy@checkmatefarm. I will email photos of yarn selection in your color request. Photos are not the best but they will get you started down the path. I will dye 3, 4, or 8 shades of one color. I will then mail yarn samples in your requested colors.


I would be honored to help you select colors to truly create a special rug.